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“Brian is an expert in many fields and his knowledge and enthusiasm helped immensely in getting our new venture off the ground. A superb Mentor. Thanks Brian”

Brian provided the business with an opportunity for someone we could trust to look at it from an independent perspective and make excellent and carefully considered recommendations.


Brian has an excellent experience in the challenging projects we are addressing. Brian has an excellent experience in the challenging projects we at the ice Partnership are addressing. He has delivered several projects on time, to the satisfaction of our clients. I have known Brian from when he successfully managed the B2B Manufacturing Centre at the University of Teesside on behalf of the Regional Development Agency. Brian has a long and capable track record in Lean Manufacturing and his knowledge of TPM is outstanding.

I have known Brian a while now, and worked with him on a few assignments. He is a very knowledgeable manufacturing professional, with an outstanding track record. It is however his specialist TPM capability that adds the extra dimension to the Ice Partnership. He is able to implement change in a sustainable way, and is able to relate to clients at all levels. He is highly focused to ensure the job gets done on time, and he always maintains a good atmosphere with his clients through his sense of humour and we all enjoy working with him. His knowledge in the application of TPM philosophy and techniques has generated significant bottom line improvements through it's deployment, which complements the range of business improvement services offered by the ICE Partnership.

Very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and good humoured! Always gets the job done quickly and efficiently. A privilege to work with

Brian was the driving force and operational manager behind the B2B project run jointly with Warwick University. The project worked very closely with business in a number of different ways and discipline areas, covering business development, consultancy and knowledge transfer. Brian has considerable industrial and manufacturing expertise which he can bring to bear in a wide range of situations and sectors.

Brian’s work was detailed, well thought out and practical. He took on board the issues we were facing and suggested several practical opportunities for us to follow.

Brian is a person of great integrity who can always be relied upon to put the interests of the organisation and customers above his own. I found Brian to be very straightforward and easy to do business with.

Having Brian as my manager with an organisation prior to joining the B2B project in November 2006, I knew what to expect…… Brian is an excellent professional manager who is knowledgeable, demanding but fair. His expertise covers many areas which were particularly suited to the diverse and demanding requirements outputs of the B2B project. I have enjoyed working with Brian and can still rely on him for support and advice when the need arises

During the 3 years I supervised the software development team at Warwick University for the B2B-MC run by Brian, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable of manufacturing industries. We developed jointly seven demonstrator products, and one specific shop floor layout analysis tool. Brian led his Teesside team of specialists playing to their strengths to deliver in the end, results that far exceeded the project deliverables. We enjoyed working together, and his decisive understanding of our capabilities resulted in good software products being developed. October 5, 2008, Hardev worked indirectly for Brian at University of Teesside

Brian is a dedicated management professional, focussed upon delivering success in the contemporary business benefits of quality, speed and price.

I recruited Brian to the position of Operations Director for Schott Fibre Optics Ltd in 2002. He brought with him a wealth of expertise which he quickly applied to produce immediate benefits for the business in terms of productivity, quality and target achievement.

Brian possesses the ability to quickly identify areas of waste and unexploited potential. He develops approaches that involve and energise team members to secure improvements for the long-term. He leads and mentors his teams with an effective situational style to ensure their personal development as well as meeting business objectives.
I learned a lot in the 2 years that we worked together.

I worked closely with Brian for over 2 years, in that time we were involved with many high level IT projects.

 Brian has a highly structured approach to project management; all tasks relate to a plan, all plans relate to a strategy, which aligns with business objectives.

 It was always interesting working with Brian as he had far more faith in the abilities of his staff than they had in themselves.

 Due to this I achieved more in the time working with Brian than I ever would have expected.

 I consider Brian as a mentor and a friend.

Brian's problem solving capacity & capability in every functional area across all business types is extraordinary. Quite possibly, 'the safest pair of hands and ally' any change programme could wish for!

Brian's time at Caradon Ideal proved to be a stimulus for moving the business forward. An effective enabler and elaborate facilitator, he broke down departmental barriers and redefined business focus, generating a wealth of improvement opportunities. His objective approach and clear thinking certainly helped the business achieve it's stretching goals.

Brian is a personality, charismatic, tough manager and very effective team leader. He gets on with people at all levels in an organisation and gets things done. He was a very interesting, challenging working partner in Handley-Walker.

Brian is an exceptionally talented professional manager adapt at quickly coming to terms with complex business problems. He tackles the resolution of these in a structured, well defined way that makes it easy for colleagues, team mates and fellow executives to understand and make decisions on. His ability to manage large teams of people to deliver high quality outcomes is top class together with his ability to motivate and lead. It was a pleasure to work and learn with Brian in several demanding environments.

Brian is one of the most knowledgeable lean manufacturing consultants I know. His expertise in assisting companies to adopt lean thinking and associated technologies formed the basis of a significant number of successful consulting assignments. I know of these projects through being a co-worker on some and director/manager on others.

Brian was a key participant of the initial Fellowship in Manufacturing Management. Throughout this pioneering period he was always challenging the status quo, pushing others to do so and thinking outside the box. This contributed to the team being more objective and raising their own standards of analysis, debate and objectiveness.”

These are extracts from Brian’s LinkedIn page