Helping Improve Manufacturing Performance

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If you don’t know where you are going, there is no such thing as a favourable wind.


If you do know where you are going you can tack against the most unfavourable winds.

You can’t improve what you do not measure.

We can help you refine your measurements and reporting so that the key few metrics are those that are vital to your performance and hence the platform for improvements.

Capacity Utilisation

Not many companies report true capacity utilisation, unless they are in a 24x7 operation.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong in planning to use less than 25% of your capacity, providing you do so as a policy, knowing the implications of the non planned utilisation.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Most companies with processes that are not measuring OEE usually achieve no better than 50%. This is good news, and if you are in this group, and calculate an OEE for the first time, significantly higher than 60% then check your calculations.

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Your six losses are your diamonds!

Improving the OEE on your constraint processes will dramatically improve your profits by …… eliminating some of the wastes within your operations.