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We are offering a free 4 hour workshop in which you will learn an overview of our process so you can go it alone, or 3 x half- day workshops with your management team to effect a significant profit improvement for your business.  AND YOU decide how much to pay!

Most businesses are stretched for resources, yet continue to allow the resources to pull in separate directions

“ One characteristic of a successful team is a common, shared goal, which all members contribute to” Brian Burgess




Framed, and hung up on the wall


Part of everything you do

Sporadic and unpredicatable


Predictable and increasing

Individual Jobs


Business Needs

Stretched and overloaded


Utilised, but with spare capacity

Inconsistant, and challenging


Positive, and consistant

Our Business Process Alignment (BPA) workshops help your team move from wasting valuable resources focused on their jobs, to getting everyone achieving more through co-operative focus on the business goals.

We will show you how to collectively decide what is important to achieve YOUR MISSION.

With everyone heads down, nose to the grind stone, it is difficult to appreciate what the other team members are doing, and if they are doing it well.

By collectively understanding the business needs in terms of Key Business Processes, and their influence on Critical Success Factors, the whole team get to contribute to achieving the business goals in the most effective manner, together.

Success Is Choosing The Right Approach In The Right Context, With The Right People To Get The Right Result

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You have the ability to choose to either focus on doing your job well, or gaining the most for the business. In most environments the latter is a difficult and rare choice because it requires consensus from the whole management team.

These workshops enable the latter choice for everyone

Year on Year Profit Improvement

The output of the workshops will be a prioritised list of improvement actions necessary to achieve your mission, each one having a significant impact on improving your bottom line. Because these workshops can be run regularly, normally on an annual basis, a refreshed list of actions will be continuously generated, affording more opportunities for profit improvement.

Balanced Focus on Business Issues

Aligning the Critical Success Factors necessary to achieve your mission with your Key Business Processes will enable the whole management team to visualise the impact of improving each process. This will aid in deciding how agreed actions will impact on the business from a holistic viewpoint. Agreeing to complete a vital few improvement projects will guarantee maximum return for minimum resource deployment.

Everyone Pulling in the Right Direction

Most organisations employ achievers who on a day to day basis look to deliver superior performances in their own role in isolation from the roles of their peers. This often means that the overall needs of the business are served disparately and therefore with some degree of contention. Throughout the workshops the focus is on the business needs, and identifies the process improvements needed, not the individual functional improvements.

Develop a shared Mission statement with the senior management team relevant to your needs

If you are not going forwards,  you are going backwards